Water Cooler Bottles - with Water Harvested in Tasmania


Tassie Forest Waters produces a range of natural rain water products including bottled water in 11 litre water cooler bottles

These are available for free delivery across the North of Tasmania, or can be collected from our factory in Burnie.

We also have water coolers available for hire in both floor standing and bench top formats for home, office, factories or anywhere else they are needed.

Science has shown that increased water intake improved energy levels and mental focus. If you are a business owner and your office, factory or workplace doesn't have cool natural chemical free water on tap for your people, then you might be missing the opportunity for an easy and cheap productivity boost.

All our water is collected in the pristine Tasmanian Rain Forest near Waratah on the edge of the Tarkine heritage Wilderness, the largest cool-temperate rain forest in Australia,  which is a stone's throw from Cape Grimm, an area that is consistently measured by the CSIRO as the cleanest air on the planet. It's a very special area with very special water.

All Tassie Forest Waters products contain only the purest  natural rain water and we naturally treat it with UV light to ensure it is safe to drink without the need to add any nasty preservatives or potentially harmful chemicals.

To discuss how we can supply your home or business with Tassie's best water, please give us a call or email via our contact page 


Why Drink Water ?

It's long been understood that drinking fizzy drinks or juices high in sugar is a contributing factor in weight gain, dental issues and a range of adverse health outcomes.

Swapping to artificially sweetened beverages may assist in combatting weight gain due to excessive high calorie drink intake, however the negative effects of these laboratory created chemicals is only just starting to become apparent.

Water on the other hand, is a healthy natural alternative that more and more people are turning to as their hydration option.

Our water has no added chemicals or preservatives as treatment as we use Ultra Violet light to make extra sure this already natural pure water is ultra safe to consume.

On top of that our water is regularly tested by NATA registered Laboratories to ensure no contamination is present or has been introduced in the logistics and packing process.

Long know benefits of drinking water include : 

Increases Energy & Helps Combat Fatigue

Since your body and brain is mostly water, drinking water helps you think and focus better, aids concentration and makes you more alert. A healthy water intake may also increase your energy levels.

Your body accumulates toxins in your liver & kidneys. A healthy intake of water helps flush out toxins and maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Drinking water before meals will aid in lowering appetite and may help your metabolism so is a key ingredient in weight loss, especially when consumed in conjunction with exercise.



picture of a glass of water being poured


Bottled Water from the cleanest air in the world.

The Cape Grim baseline air quality monitoring station located a few kilometres north of our rainwater collection facility regularly registers the cleanest air in the world which supports Tasmania's reputation for clean environment and pristine wilderness areas.

The lack of pollution is due to our southerly latitude, low key development and distance from other land masses. Being located in the "Roaring Forties" the famous winds sweeping up from the antarctic blow away any trace of pollution. The CSIRO staff who monitor the air quality report stunning results from the constantly monitored air.

While most air samples taken around the World will contain 5000 - 500,000 particles per cubic centimetre. Our air registers a meagre 10 - 600 particles.





Where we harvest rain water

The Tarkine is an area in North West Tasmania containing the Savage River National Park and is noted for it's beauty and natural values.

It contains the largest tract of unspoilt cool-temperate rainforest in Australia.

While the boundaries are not gazetted, the Tarkine is generally agreed to be the area between the Arthur River in the North and the Pieman River in the south.

The entry points to this vast tract of unspoilt rainforest are via Sumac Rd in the North, Corinna in the South and Waratah in the West which is where we collect the natural rain water used in all our products including the Tassie Rain and Taspure brands of still and sparkling bottled water.