Flavoured Natural Rain Water

picture of water bottles with flavoured water


Tassie Rain – Natural Rainforest Water with a twist !


Our range of pure natural harvested rainforest waters also come with some added flavour options.

We all know the benefits of natural hydration, but sometimes you need a little encouragement or a change to keep things interesting.

Introducing the flavoured water options found in our Tassie Rain bottled water range.

It’s still the same pure natural water collected from the Tasmanian Rainforest, but we’ve added some delicious natural Aussie flavours.

Lemon Aspen

Wild Raspberry

picture of bottled water with raspberry
*Serving Suggestion

As with all our water, we harvest only the purest natural rain water from the pristine Tasmanian Rain Forest and use natural UV treatment so nothing is added, no nasty chemicals, no heavy mineral loading so you get to enjoy the freshest natural water on earth.

Where to buy flavoured water in Tasmania

If you would like to stock or purchase any of our flavoured water range, or any other Tassie Forest Waters product, please get in touch using the contact details below.

You can also drop by our factory sales outlet in Burnie to purchase any of our products at the factory door.

We can deliver our Tasmanian Bottled Water range for free across the North of the state, or can arrange courier delivery to most other places if you can get to the factory.